Nature and genuineness

Let nature teach you its calm. Our orchard will give you organic and genuine flavors.

For the shade we enjoy on hot summer days, we need to thank Corrado, Marinella’s father, who planted the walnut trees that have become so lush today.
A little further down, the hazelnut planted in recent years grows towards the stream that flows along the edges of the property, giving prosperity to the land and animals that populate it. Around, in the countryside and in the surrounding hills, sustainable, organic, zero kilometer pro- ductions are rediscovered.

Finally, a selection of delicacies, curated by Marinella, arrives in the well-stocked kitchens of our four apartments: honey, jams, pastries and baked goods, the “old bread”, extra virgin olive oil and all the fruits of the Santa Croce’s countryside.
Everything is available to guests.

“True happiness is found in simple, seemingly unremarkable things, But to be aware of little, quiet things, you need to be quiet inside.
A high degree of alertness is required.
Be still. Look. Listen. Be present.
Bring awareness to the many subtle sounds of Nature – the rustling of leaves in the wind,
raindrops falling,
the humming of an insect,
the first birdsong at dawn.
Give yourself completely to the act of listening. Beyond the sounds there is something greater:
a sacred that cannot be understood through thought. Look at a tree, a flower, a plant.
Let your awareness rest upon it.
How still it is, how deeply rooted in Being.
Allow nature to teach you stillness.
Everything natural-every flower, tree and animal
has important lessons to teach us
if we only stop, look, and listen.

(excerpt from the text by Eckhart Tolle and Patrick McDonnell from the book Guardians of Being)

The shadow of the old walnut trees, the large garden, and perhaps the luck of seeing some wild animals such as fawns, badgers or foxes, will make a simple relaxing day in the greenery special.




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